Toni Lähdekorpi

Software Designer

Personal Information

I'm Toni Lähdekorpi; husband, father and a software professional from Pori, Finland.
Computers, gadgets and code have been a part of my life since I was a little kid, and naturally they have evolved into being something that I have, and always will work on.
I'm passionate about my work, this is why I only work on project that I can get excited by. This way I can make sure I'm offering the best I have, as well as motivate others to make something awesome.

The things I do daily for fun and profit include designing and coding sofware, maintaining Linux servers, gathering and organizing other amazing professionals, making and hacking gadgets, designing graphics, translating software, photography, doing 3D CAD modeling etc.
For some balance to all this and to keep my mind clear, I also practice the Japanese martial art of aikido in our local dōjō; Fudoshin Aikido.


Lygon Software

2009 - Present

CEO / Software Designer

Making amazing software, maintaining servers and coordinating teams.

Neuvo Oy Global

2019 - Present

Co-founder / CTO

Bringing knowledge to everybody. Saving lives.

Choozr Group Oy

2016 - Present

Co-founder / CTO

Building Choozr.

2013 - 2015


A small, nimble team working with selected clients with one goal in mind. Making digital things that make a difference, and are useful in the real world.


2008 - 2013

Software Designer

Developing and maintaining web based applications.


2006 ~ 2007

IT Consultant

Maintaining and installing computers and networks. Designing websites.

Technical Skills

System Architecture


Multiple years of experience designing, configuring and maintaining geo-distributed, microservice architecture based, high availability systems that are service provider agnostic.


Ask me anything!

Highly experienced in developing browser independent & semantic web sites and applications with the latest technologies.



Experience in working with different JavaScript frameworks to develop web applications and user interfaces.



Experience creating server backends and desktop software with node.js, express.js and node-webkit.



Working experience in developing large web based applications with MySQL & PostgreSQL databases.



Experience creating backend systems and scripts using Go.

Graphic Design

“Needs more white space”

Skilled in web, software and print graphic design.

UI/UX Design


Skilled in designing clean and easy to use user interfaces for web, desktop and mobile applications.



Experienced in creating software and hardware prototypes in record times.


Linux Servers

root in >20 servers

Highly experienced in the deployment, maintenance and monitoring of many Linux servers. Skilled in installing and configuring various server software and components like lighttpd, nginx, varnish, php-fpm, mongodb, memcached etc.


`rm -rf /`

Knowledge in minimizing Linux, PHP & SQL related security threads and social engineering attacks, like phishing.


Multiple projects from 0 to 100

Experience in the inner workings and customization of core components, template design and extension development. Also skilled in optimizing the performance and user experience.

3D CAD Modeling

CAD Competition Finalist

Knowledge and experience in technical drawing, CAD design and 3D modeling (Autodesk's AutoCAD, Inventor & Revit).


Coded a couple of OS's

Basic skills on microcontroller programming: Arduino, Texas Instruments MSP-*, Atmel ATtiny* and others.
And creating USB (and USB HID) devices and userspace drivers with libusb, such as PIR motion sensors, smoke/gas detectors, temperature/humidity sensors, etc.


Hacking since ADP1

Solid understanding of the structure and internals deep inside the Android operating system and of Kotlin.



Skilled on iOS (Swift) development.

Contact Information